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As a kid’s author and creative writing teacher, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with over 100,o00 kids across the United States. Right from the start, I developed a healthy dose of admiration and intrigue for these deeply creative creatures. What the hay was going on in those tiny little heads? And how was it that they were consistently blowing my mind with amazing idea after amazing idea? I spent several years trying to work with their thoughts, trying to enhance and supplement their natural writing skills by teaching the basic rules for creative writing. And then, finally, it dawned on me that they already knew how to write. What they really needed was experience and the confidence to trust their own creative voice. So I tossed my old programs and started over. Now, rather than trying to feed a river that already flowed perfectly, my job was to simply bank the river, offering structure and security along whatever route they chose. When I stopped giving answers and started asking questions, I learned that the vast majority of kids are, without question, creative geniuses. My mission is to make sure they know that.

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