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Chubby Bunny

You ever play chubby bunny before? I played it once like 22 years ago, then forgot about it until yesterday. Tonight after dinner, the Munsons played chubby bunny.

It’s easy to play. The only thing you need is a bag of smore-sized marshmallows. Pick one person to go first. They stick a marshmallow in their mouth and have them  say “chubby bunny.” ( No chewing! Just leave it there.) Then you do that over and over until their mouth can’t hold any more marshmallows and they start laughing and spit the slobbery marshmallows all over the place. Now that’s what I call entertainment.

Here are the totals:

Suzanne: 5 marshmallows. She went first and she couldn’t stop laughing. I think that’s why she got last place.

Zach: 6 marshmallows. It was a dream come true for him. His parents laughed and cheered while he crammed as much sugar into his mouth as he could.

Abby: 7 marshmallows. In this sport, missing teeth is almost the equivalent to steroids.

Me: 13 marshmallows. Ohh yeah!Uh huh! Chubby Bunny champ! I had a little time to taunt my wife and kids. Then I scooped out a sink full of  slimy marshmallows before giving in to the sugar coma. Yeah, my jaw is sore from stretching like a python. And the cavity monsters in my mouth probably feel like they just won the lottery. But that’s what it takes to be a champ. Maybe in another 22 years (dentures out!) I’ll be ready to defend my title.


update september 15 2011

i just read about people dying playing chubby bunny. no more chubby bunny for the munsons.


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Cerealistic art

this art was rendered in plastic, soy milk and cap’n crunch

Cereal dust- is there any sugar like it? Maybe I’m running in the wrong circles, but it seems to me that the stuff at the bottom of the box is WAY underappreciated. Frosted Flakes crumbles into a candy sand. Lucky Charms melts into a fine powder that borders on intangibility . Each one unique and awesome. Each one pretty and yummy and freakin’ rocket fuel! They’ll send you to the  stratosphere when you’re still in your pajamas, then send you crashing back down to Earth while you are… uhhh… still in your pajamas. Froot Loops. Fruity Pebbles. Crunch Berries. Cocoa Puffs. Trix! In the darkest corners of a cardboard box lies a gift from the sugar gods. Reach it and you can go from barely awake to cuckoo for cocoa puffs instantly.

A few years ago I gave a spice rack filled with 6 different cereal dusts at a white elephant Christmas party. Today it’s art and who knows what’s next? Maybe a story character who sells lucky charms dust to the healthy kids at the bus stop. This stuff is an untapped gold mine. So many possibilities. And with rocket fuel, the sky’s the limit.

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easy pickin's

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Family elections

I am running for mayor. Mayor of my house. Abby announced yesterday that the Munsons are having elections on Friday for several key positions- kitchen manager, activities coordinator, popcorn maker, mayor… And it looks like mayor is where it’s at.  Abby tells me that being the mayor is “like being the principal of the house. You don’t have to do everything but you can if you want.” So Abby is running for mayor. And I am running against her.

She’s a ruthless campaigner. She’s pulling out every trick in the book:


“ultra family time.” seriously? MAYBE mega family time, but ultra?! come on.

Consider my more honest pledges:

i am running my campaign on food and hygiene


conveniently posted on the most used door in the house…

oops! accidentally left on the kitchen table- the #1 surface space in the house. coincidence??


I could go on. But the sheer volume of campaign materials she has created is too much ground to cover in one election cycle.

But the point is this. I fancy myself a good leader. Sure I have no experience at being a leader, but she’s not that far ahead of me.

Nonetheless voters- I’m leaving it in your hands. Vote Dad for Mayor!


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