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moan the lawn

i re-pulled my calf muscle climbing this mountain

For 8 awesome years we lived in a house with a flat lawn. It was even framed with a 6 inch concrete apron. Easy street all the way. I didn’t know how good I had it. Our new lawn is not flat. There’s a hill that i have to mow sideways. with both feet on the ground, one foot is about where my other knee is. and if i slip and fall, i will crash into a bunch of boulders. also, instead of that glorious apron, the edge of the yard is ohh, a bunch of rocks. One of those things is going to get hurled across the yard one of these days. or jam up the blade. I am living on the edge. I need an edger.

On a positive note, I made a great discovery. It is actually a good thing that weeds grow faster than grass. When the dandelions sprout up, those are the things that make the yard look bad. So yesterday I played dandelion golf with a 5 iron. Therapeutic, effective, environmentally sound… The only thing missing from the lawn are those pretty mow lines. But other than that, and the dandelion seeds that float into the neighbor’s yard, this might be a perfect solution to actually having to mow the lawn. I sure hope this works, because plan B is a goat.

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