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look! pieheads!

this post is on shaky ground from the get go so read it while you can. It is now 4:53 in the morning and i have just spent the entire night making this altered enemy pie cover on faceinhole.com. you can make your own now in 1/100th of the time it took me if you click that link back there. at this point i am delirious and don’t really know/care what i am writing, so if this post lasts through tomorrow it will be a minor miracle. i spent a good 2 hours downloading a photoshop alternative and trying to learn it, then another 2 hours coming to the realization that i have no pictures of me on my hard drive that would fit into that piehead hole. so i used one of abby and i hope she doesn’t mind my infringing on her dignity. and then of course there are the copyright infringement issues. not sure if i am even allowed to put this pic up, but there were other magazine covers, and mario brothers cut outs on the site, so i’m guessing it might be okay. i’m thinking it’s good because it’s free advertising. unless somebody puts freddy kruger in that pieface hole. not good for picture books. oh man i don’t want freddy kruger in my head before i go to sleep. rainbows and kitty cats rainbows and kitty cats. yikes. time to sleep.

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