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lego medley surprise

Today Zach decided to sell some toys so he could buy some new Beyblades. I was thrilled that we could actually get paid for removing the Lego flooring in his room. Oh if I had only kept those things organized neatly in their boxes. But it really wasn’t worth the hassle at this point. So I took pictures of the boxes, Craigslisted them together as a “Lego medley,” and warned that the buyer would have to sort them all out. $20 takes all. The next thing i know my inbox is instantly flooded. So I looked up Zach’s stuff on ebay, and find out that each complete set was selling for somewhere between $40 and $90. Used! Ugh. Time to perform the dreaded triple-backpedal maneuver.  I shamefully pleaded ignorance, pulled the ad, and spent the rest of my morning in Legoland.

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