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Auf Wiedersehen! Suz heads off to Germany, 1987

The first photo taken of Suzanne and I was in January 1987, at the Sea-Tac international airport. She was on her way to Germany for a semester of study, and I had a letterman’s jacket and big shiny braces. (That’s hot. She was crazy not to date me.)

A group of some of my best friends went on the same German exchange program. And at the end of the school year, they all took a few weeks and wandered around Europe. When I was 17, that was my dream trip. It sounded like the coolest adventure ever. Now that I’m 40, I think it’s even cooler.

So long story ridiculously short:

  • Awesome Teachers Cheryl Patterson and Cleo Strazdas contacted Michele Kophs (my legendary event manager) and organized a series of author visits for me with elementary and middle school students in Germany
  • Suzanne graciously suggested I spend a second week wandering Europe
  • Michele orchestrated and coordinated with Cheryl and Cleo and Suzanne and me and Heike the travel agent
  • On March 27th, me and my backpack arrived in Germany. Official dream come true!

OK- Later I’ll write about the best experiences and all. But right now I’m too sleepy.

Good night bears, sitting in chairs.


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