lego-beethoven smackdown

Zack made this stop motion lego video for a music appreciation contest. There is a lead singer, a bass player, a lead guitarist, a drummer, a keyboard player, and 4 dancers. As far as concerts go, this is the real deal. Relative to his other homework projects, Zack put massive amounts of time and effort into this thing.
There were 2 entries in the 3rd grade division. Zack’s video, and a nicely done classic tri-fold display about Beethoven, with a picture and a typed up history. Beethoven won. Zack got second, or as he calls it, “last place.”

Now I have no business judging a music appreciation contest, but if I did… (cue the dad bias disclaimer…)
With all due respect to the judges, I say a lego stop motion video wins every time against a tri-fold display. No contest! Music is supposed to be fun. Tri-folds are un-fun. On principle alone, I would vote for the lego video. Even if it completely sucked. Even if it wasn’t my kid. Why? Because the idea is bold, it’s imaginative, it’s made with joy and a playful heart. It wasn’t created for somebody else. It’s a pure expression of a 9 year old’s creativity.
This is the stuff of musical genius. Beethoven didn’t have legos, but he did know this: music shouldn’t be “worked.” It should be played.

Rock on Zacky!


March 9, 2014 · 11:49 am

2 responses to “lego-beethoven smackdown

  1. Wendy Pederson

    Tell Zack he’s got a new fan down in the ‘Couve. Loved the video! Super creative! Can’t wait to see what he’ll do next! 🙂

    • derekmunson

      Thanks Wendy!
      He appreciated that. He’s beginning to recognize that his creativity is an asset, so “losses” like this one are a tough punch to take!

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