Say It With Puppets

I just paid a grand total of $30 for a couple 30 second personalized puppet shows wishing Abby and Zack happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s probably one of the best presents I’ve ever given. I don’t know if that is good or bad. But I’m their dad and they’ve probably come to expect something like this from me.

And besides- Valentine’s Day is usually a bit frustrating for them anyway. In the tradition of Santa and the Easter Bunny, we have the Valentine’s Turtle visit our house every year. But turtles are slow and he always arrives a day late on the 15th. The kids think that sucks. But it’s a pretty good deal for the parents. By the time he gets here, Valentine’s candy is 50% off!


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2 responses to “Say It With Puppets

  1. Valentine’s Turtle? AHAHAHA! I’m going to use that in MY house. I’m impressed that one can customize the puppet show – great idea!

    • derekmunson

      Thanks Justin!
      Yes- someone even suggested marketing it, as a way that dudes can say sorry for being late for anything, really. But it would be an easy trump. Someone puts out the Valentine’s cheetah and boom! We’re doomed.

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