chirp alert


behold the power!!!

Our smoke detector is an extortionist. If I don’t give it a 9 volt battery every 6 months, it will chirp whenever it freakin’ feels like it. And even if I take out the old battery, It just keeps chirping because it has a mysterious power source from some place else. What the hay??? I’d investigate if it weren’t for the fact that a guy like me has no business tinkering with the house’s electrical system- especially while simultaneously disarming the smoke alarm.  Whoever crafted this system is a safety genius.  A 9 volt battery is the only thing on my mind.

Dilemma: it’s midnight and we have a chirping smoke detector, but we don’t have any spare 9 volt batteries.
Solution: wear headphones
Catch 22: If the chirp is keeping anyone else in the house up, I should offer them headphones. But if they are asleep, then I’m the jerk who woke them up to ask them if that annoying sound was driving them crazy.

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