Cerealistic art

this art was rendered in plastic, soy milk and cap’n crunch

Cereal dust- is there any sugar like it? Maybe I’m running in the wrong circles, but it seems to me that the stuff at the bottom of the box is WAY underappreciated. Frosted Flakes crumbles into a candy sand. Lucky Charms melts into a fine powder that borders on intangibility . Each one unique and awesome. Each one pretty and yummy and freakin’ rocket fuel! They’ll send you to the  stratosphere when you’re still in your pajamas, then send you crashing back down to Earth while you are… uhhh… still in your pajamas. Froot Loops. Fruity Pebbles. Crunch Berries. Cocoa Puffs. Trix! In the darkest corners of a cardboard box lies a gift from the sugar gods. Reach it and you can go from barely awake to cuckoo for cocoa puffs instantly.

A few years ago I gave a spice rack filled with 6 different cereal dusts at a white elephant Christmas party. Today it’s art and who knows what’s next? Maybe a story character who sells lucky charms dust to the healthy kids at the bus stop. This stuff is an untapped gold mine. So many possibilities. And with rocket fuel, the sky’s the limit.

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