Family elections

I am running for mayor. Mayor of my house. Abby announced yesterday that the Munsons are having elections on Friday for several key positions- kitchen manager, activities coordinator, popcorn maker, mayor… And it looks like mayor is where it’s at.  Abby tells me that being the mayor is “like being the principal of the house. You don’t have to do everything but you can if you want.” So Abby is running for mayor. And I am running against her.

She’s a ruthless campaigner. She’s pulling out every trick in the book:


“ultra family time.” seriously? MAYBE mega family time, but ultra?! come on.

Consider my more honest pledges:

i am running my campaign on food and hygiene


conveniently posted on the most used door in the house…

oops! accidentally left on the kitchen table- the #1 surface space in the house. coincidence??


I could go on. But the sheer volume of campaign materials she has created is too much ground to cover in one election cycle.

But the point is this. I fancy myself a good leader. Sure I have no experience at being a leader, but she’s not that far ahead of me.

Nonetheless voters- I’m leaving it in your hands. Vote Dad for Mayor!


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2 responses to “Family elections

  1. scott carpenter

    Ok. Polarization being the name of the game, us dads have to stick together. So, even though I like Abby’s platform better I’m sticking with you. This way, I know you will be obligated to give me a position in your government, though I don’t live in your district…much less your house. My specially interests will get special attention from you also (Captain Crunch every morning!) Finally, if my constituants ever give me a chance to run (my wife won’t let me hold office until Layla can walk…what’s up with that) I know now I have bought your support! I love the political machine!

    • derekmunson

      a swing voter! thanks dude. gotta love those shady backroom government deals. and speaking of cap’n crunch, we are one specially marked package away from a new cap’n crunch t shirt! (plus $4.95 s&h).
      how is Layla? and steph and ryder (sp)?

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