For Nana Lydia

Pusch Ridge is at the highest point on that there mountain.

We are down in Tucson Arizona right now, celebrating the life of my mother in law who died unexpectedly last month. As we had done with her husband 10 years earlier, we set out on a hike to spread her ashes on the peak of Pusch Ridge. One big difference was that last time it was on a pleasant spring day in May. This time we were pretty much in a sizzling frying pan. Another big difference? 10 years of chasing nana’s grandkids around!

So four 40+ year olds headed off on a hike that climbed to a mile high peak. It was a 2600 foot elevation gain in a steep and short 2 miles. The beautiful views were well earned, with pokey cactuses (cacti), and temperatures over 100 degrees, and tricky loose rock sections and questionable footing. Way down below at the house, we had a telescope all set up so the kids could see us at the top of the summit. Amazingly, nobody bumped it and it actually worked.

the temp hit 111 degrees fahrenheit on the day of the hike. (this thermometer is in the shade.)

The temperature that day hit 111 degrees Fahrenheit (this thermometer is in the shade.) We came home exhausted, drank gallons of water and took baths in ice cubes. All worth it for Nana Lydia.

Thank you Lydia for all the beautiful things you put into my life.

the grandsons were stylin' at the memorial service. and Suz gave a beautiful tribute speech about her mom.

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