enemy pie saves lives

to catch a hummingbird, v2.0

i caught a hummingbird a couple weeks ago with a tupperware container and a children’s book called Fox Makes Friends. I also vowed to be better prepared for the next time a hummingbird flew into our house. I didn’t think it would happen again so soon. My photo quality actually went down dramatically, since I didn’t even try to take a pic. but it wouldn’t have been a good shot anyway, what with it banging it’s head against a window and all.

But I did improve my technique. This time, instead of boring tupperware, I used an empty rainbow sherbet tub. and instead of Fox Makes Friends (an excellent book), I used Enemy Pie.

Now, when I go to schools to talk about my book, I can talk about how Enemy Pie is literaturely a life saver.


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2 responses to “enemy pie saves lives

  1. That’s awesome. I’m sending you a virtual high-five over the internet…Don’t leave me hanging now.

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