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auction figures

see that mushroom? it's actually a plate of butterscotch chocolate chip walnut cookies. on a jelly belly stem! and yes, the gnome was included. score!

Last night was our 3rd aution in a little over a month. This one was a dessert auction at Abby and Zach’s school. For the last 10 minutes we puppy guarded the items we wanted. Let’s be honest. We weren’t trying to raise funds for the PTA. We were fighting for our dessert.

these cookies are wild animals with their mouths full of m&ms. so is our son.


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Cereal Killers- 7 Cereal Box Characters Who Could MESS YOU UP

Most cereal box characters are sweet and harmless. You’ve got your Trix Rabbits, your Toucan Sams, the Apple Jacks Kids… And then there are the others. I picked out what I think are the 7 most dangerous of all.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Cap’n Crunch– This guy has been battling sog monsters for decades. Decades! Battling monsters! Has he ever lost, even once?





Lucky– According to my daughter, leprechauns are creepy. “They’re little, they’re sneaky, and they’re always sticking their tiny heads in your windows.” They also have magical powers bestowed by Irish faeries. Now take these traits and put them into a paranoid leprechaun who thinks that everyone is out to get him. I think Lucky’s about to snap crackle and pop (see what I did there?). Blimey! Watch yer back.


Tony the Tiger– Honestly, do you really believe he’s a vegetarian?





Dig ‘m– Sugar Smacks, Honey Smacks… Doesn’t matter. I think Dig ’em looks suspiciously like a golden dart frog. Brawling would not be worth the risk.





Frankenberry– He’s made of metal. He wears chain link suspenders. He could possibly be related to a bear killer… And even if he attacked you and you tried to fight back and punch him in the neck, you’d probably just bust up your hand on a bolt or something.




Mr. T- I pity the fool who tries to take on the T. ‘Nuff said.





 Cookie Jarvis– This wizard can turn chocolate chip cookies (made by a dog food company nonetheless) into an acceptable breakfast option. That kind of power is usually reserved for superheroes. Don’t mess with the Jarvis. There might be nothin’ left of you but crumbs.

Did I forget any? Well don’t be shy now. Let’s hear it!

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Meet Mr. Slug

mr. slug takes a nap (i think)

When Zachy came into the house asking for a tupperware container and holding his hand out in front of him, I knew the Munson family was about to expand. I was hoping he had caught a lady bug. No such luck. It was a slug. Mr. Slug.

I was totally fine with the idea. A little grossed out that it was suctioned to his wrist, but I could handle a short term guest.  What I could not handle was the idea of Mr. Slug in our Tupperware. No way. Tupperware is for lunch boxes. Not for slugs. If I gave him one, I would think of that slug every time I used any of those containers.

I cut up a half gallon carton of soymilk and Zach gave Mr. Slug something resembling his original habitat. The dirt was great because it soaked up some of the milk that he would have been swimming in. The leaves were a nice touch, because when Mr. Slug went under them I wouldn’t have to look at him.

When Zach was finished playing with him, he came into the kitchen and found the Oreos and starting putting his sluggy little hands in the package. Siiick. There goes the whole row. We should have taken those Oreo’s right then and there, and put them in the carton so that Mr. Slug could have cookies and milk. But instead I put them in a container and sent them to school in Zach’s lunch box. Just kidding. After sending Zach to wash his hands, I totally spaced and ate the Oreos. I really don’t want to think about this ever again.


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