auction figures

see that mushroom? it's actually a plate of butterscotch chocolate chip walnut cookies. on a jelly belly stem! and yes, the gnome was included. score!

Last night was our 3rd aution in a little over a month. This one was a dessert auction at Abby and Zach’s school. For the last 10 minutes we puppy guarded the items we wanted. Let’s be honest. We weren’t trying to raise funds for the PTA. We were fighting for our dessert.

these cookies are wild animals with their mouths full of m&ms. so is our son.


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2 responses to “auction figures

  1. Diana Strait

    Wow! Glad my days of PTA bake sales’ is over. I’d never be able to compete with these creative cookies. Hat’s off to the moms’ and/or dads’ that did the baking. Wonderful. And, yes, you scored!

    • derekmunson

      i know! impressive creativity on the dessert tables. Another interesting thing I learned- if you put homemade candy bugs on cupcakes, it will easily double the auction price. 🙂
      did your friend get her book?

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