Party at Padden- Highlights and Lowlights

Ethan and Logan stayed all weekend! Zachy was super sad when they left

Yesterday we had a party at Lake Padden. All kinds of awesomeness happened like croquet and bocci ball and soccer. And it was really great to see friends and family. But the other stuff is way more fun to write about.

Top billing goes to the weather. We had a big red tub filled with drinks and ice, and the ice never even melted. People were wearing their ski jackets and playing soccer. I spent a fair amount of time warming my hands over the grill, hobo style. It was c-c-c-cold.

We brought a brand new croquet set and the kids pretended the mallets were giant hammers for bonking other kids over the head. Ahh good times, good times. I don’t think anyone got hurt too badly, but I did notice the blue mallet ended up in 3 pieces, one of which may or may not have been used as a shiv. (I don’t actually know what a shiv is, but if I had to guess…)

Other notable moments included a failed blind date match up, our puppy Roger getting tangled up in 2 leashes and freaking out, and cousin Joey’s bone crushing handshake on my already broken hand. For me, the handshake was easily the lowlight of the party as well as the worst handshake of my life. First he thought I was giving a lame handshake, so he squeezed my hand harder. Then when I started howling he thought I was being a wimp, so he gave it all he had. It hurt so bad that I couldn’t even get the words out to tell him to stop. In my opinion he expressed way too little remorse when it was all over. It was like he was ashamed of me or something. I’m not shaking his hand ever again. I don’t care how wimpy that looks. From here on out, I’m just waving.


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2 responses to “Party at Padden- Highlights and Lowlights

  1. Joe Regis

    Hahaha! Sorry man! I’ll make sure to keep it limited to formal bows and salutes from here on until I can earn back enough trust to allow for handshakes.

    • derekmunson

      Whatever Joey. Bows and salutes won’t make my bones grow back.
      (Kidding of course.) It was great to see you. Thanks for coming up!

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