Sculpture by Kelsi Munson

It’s true. There’s a statue of me. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s only 8.25″ tall. This is a work of artistic brilliance. Plus, he came with his own pedestal. I don’t know anybody else who gets a pedestal except for statues. Oh yeah- and Anne Murray in her song You Needed Me.

I had a chance to interview the sculptor of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. My kid sister, Kelsi.

Orange Guy Statue Interview

Me: Hey Kelsi

Kelsi: Hey brother

Me: I want to do an interview about the statue you made of me in an orange sweater.

Kelsi: You still have that? I can’t believe you still have that.

Me: Of course I still have it. It’s artistical genius. Why did you make it?

Kelsi: It was an assignment in a 3d design class in high school.

Me: An assignment to make statues of me? Cool.

Kelsi: Haha. No. You had to make a person out of wire. I couldn’t think of anyone else to make.

Me: Oh. Whatever. Well when did you make it?

Kelsi: It was sophomore year, so 2003.

Me: What is he made of?

Kesli: Wire stuffed with newspaper and paper mache.

Me: Hey have you talked to mom lately? I gotta get down there to see her.

Kelsi: Yeah. She had to take Ollie to the vet to get a tick out of him.

Me: Gross.

Kelsi: Yeah.

Me: How did you choose the skin tone?

Kelsi: What? I don’t know.

Me: It almost looks like my statue is disco dancing. Is he discoing or waving?

Kelsi: I don’t remember. We just weren’t allowed to do it with them just standing there.

Me: Ahh. An action shot.

Kelsi: Hey sorry but are we almost done? My break is almost over.

Me: Yeah. Just a couple more. Why does he have brown eyes?

Kelsi: I don’t know.

Me: Last one. What grade did you get for it?

Kelsi: An A of course.

Me: Oh yeah. B’s were for math. Well that’s enough info. I’ll let you go. Thanks for the interview.

Kelsi: You’re welcome brother.

Me: Love you.

Kelsi: Love you too.

Me: Bye.

Kelsi: Bye.

Ain’t she great? I think she deserves a pedestal too.

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