foam school

ok i admit it. i am totally geeking out on my blog traffic statistics. yeah, my numbers are pretty lame. and i haven’t had any new followers for awhile except for 2 of my buddies who subscribed out of pity. BUT! i’d like to give a big thanks to the visitor who came looking for information about non expanding recreational foam, which is the acronym for nerf. i was like whoaaa. could it be possible that i ranked high on the search engines for something? when i looked it up on Google, come to find that this here blog is the fifth site listed on the topic. I’m an expert baby! i am one of the best sources online for defining non expanding recreational foam. #5! Google you are blowin’ my mind. maybe if i keep writing non expanding recreational foam i’ll be movin’ on up to #1. i am such a nerf. i mean nerd.



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2 responses to “foam school

  1. jay

    Nice SEO play there Derek. If I had a high-ranking site, I’d be sure to give you an outbound link. In fact… stand by…

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