Waffley Good

So long caramel apples. My new favorite food is waffle cookies. Their official name is stroopwafels and they were invented by a Dutch guy in the late 1700’s. I have no idea why it took me so long to find them. Last year in Prague there was a guy selling these things at the town square, and the aroma filled up the whole market. I’m thinking this could be the next Kettlecorn. For a while I was convinced it was my destiny to open up a waffle cookie stand and get on the county fair circuit or something. I finally bought a waffle cone maker a few weeks ago and after some experimentation settled on making the flat waffles with this recipe. Then I found a dutch recipe for the syrup here. It has lots of cinnamon and is super good. Technically these could even count as breakfast, since regular waffles and pancakes really aren’t any different.


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