Spin Doctors

An epic battle between Leone and Earth Virgo!

It’s Beyblade mania at the Munson household. The theme song is the only music I have heard the past 2 days. I’ve sat with Zach and watched a half hour Beyblade cartoon. I have shopped for and purchased two more Beyblades, and battled last night in the Beyblade stadium, after bedtime, against a shouting (rock gasher! rock SMAAASH!), taunting (“oh yeah! oh yeah! i’m the best blader in the house!”) ruthless opponent. I had never even heard about these things until last month. Now it’s the only thing I hear about. Ahh the sacrifices we make as parents.

Beyblades are tops that you spin with a launcher and a rip cord. They battle each other and the last one spinning wins. Some are light, some have low centers of gravity, there’s even one that spins in the opposite direction of all the others… fascinating battles ensue. There are about 2 billion different Beyblades to choose from, and Zach has decided to collect them all. I give in every once in awhile to his sheer passion for the things. My humble stash of fun money is taking a direct hit.

But I love the bonding time I get with my boy. When he wins he gets a boost of self-confidence. And when I beat him I get to console him when he bursts into tears. When Suzanne comes back from vacation tonight, I’d like to have a good way to justify the indulgence. I am convincing myself that this is a great investment in science education. It’s applied physics, baby. The bigger rings spin longer,  the smaller ones are the best attackers and the heavier ones are more resilient to attacks.  Pure science! And don’t even get me started on the different tips, or that all the parts are interchangeable for almost infinite experimentation.

It’s so awesome! I love it. I mean it’s awesome and Zach loves it. I’m hoping he spends his next allowance on Dark Bull. That’ll be a tough one to beat.



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2 responses to “Spin Doctors

  1. My husband once used beyblade as an excuse to spend time with my kids. It helps develop their father and sons relationship. But I never imagine that it will turned him into beyblade fanatic. I just cant help but smile every time I see my husband play like an 8 years old 🙂

    • derekmunson

      Hey Doris,
      I can relate! I think 8 year olds are the best play experts in the world. Good on your husband for investing in some dad/son time while studying the art. I’ll look for him at the next beyblading championships. 😉

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