consider us amused

I have always dreamed of having Disneyland all to myself. Today I learned why that might not be such a good idea.

Zach and I went to Playland amusement park in Vancouver today. The rest of Canada did not. Lines were non-existent and there were only 2-3 times when we couldn’t immediately board the next turn. We ended up doing at least 40 rides and attractions (a conservative estimate), playing 18 holes of miniature golf, and playing enough games for Zach to win, on his own, 9 stuffed animals including a papa smurf and a monkey in sunglasses. We got there about 30 minutes after they opened and stayed until they closed at 6. I did the math, and when factoring out lunch time, 2 bathroom breaks, and a trip back to the car, we were on a new ride every 8-9 minutes.

feeling 10 feet tall

This day was made for us. Destiny struck when Zachy was getting onto the boat ride and accidentally stepped into the water. His pants and shoe were soaked, so we went back out to the car to change. When we returned he was lookin’ sharp in his track suit and Heeley’s. With the wheels in his heels, his new shoes serendipitously lifted him to a very significant 48 inches- the magic number that unlocked a whole new world of rides. On top of that, Zach powerfully faced his fears and rode some rides that I had not anticipated that we would be going on. So we went on a ride called the music express. and another from the 80’s called break dance, which probably was really hip back in the day, but now, at best, you could call it nostalgic. and we also went on the scrambler. and the scrambler. and the scrambler. I am scrambled.

I am anticipating soreness tomorrow morning. And I may have gotten whiplash on the bumper cars. And the helicopters proved it’s time to lose a few pounds, since the hydraulic arm couldn’t lift us into the air and we had to watch the airborne children waving to their parents while we practically scraped against the pavement. But man what a perfect day it was. We both had a blast. I’m so glad Suzanne had an equally amazing day, kickin’ it poolside with Abby in Arizona. I probably would have felt bad otherwise, because mother’s day isn’t supposed to be this fun for a dad.


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