putting the bus in busted

a blur of fur!

One of the happiest things i have ever seen is our puppy Roger running to greet the kids as they get off the school bus. He hears the sound of the brakes and darts down to the green mailbox and waits for the doors to open. I wanted to catch the scene today on video to show you just how awesome it is. I got there early and stood with the neighbor moms while Roger ran around and chased the toddlers.
Then Roger heard the bus. He couldn’t wait for it to get to the bus stop, so he dashed semi-safely across the street to greet it at the stop sign. He just stood there in front of the bus, like they were playing chicken or something. Two other cars had now stopped as well, waiting for the showdown to end. Of course I was worried about our li’l scruffball getting squished, but also instantly aware of the impending wrath of little miss grumpy bus driver. Eventually, Roger moved out of the way a little, enough for the traffic to cautiously start moving again. Then he sprinted to the bus stop and greeted all the kids, while I waited with the moms on the hill. They kindly refrained from telling me how lame I was. Or maybe they were just stunned at how irresponsible I was, as I stood there filming what would be my last chance at capturing the scene. The footage sucks but here are a couple photos that will have to do.

the culprit is apprehended

The bus driver told Abby that I am no longer allowed to bring Roger to the bus stop without a leash. Then the moms laughed a laugh of relief and the kids headed home with Roger in hand. Ahh the irony. My puppy just went face to face with a school bus and I’m the one walking home with my tail between my legs.


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