Frogs and Non-Expanding Recreational Foam

indiginous Amerindians put poisonous frog secretions at the end of their darts.

nowadays we just use miniature suction cups

For mothers day, Suzaanne and Abby are headed to Arizona for the next 4 days. Zach and I are on our own, and he is expecting an equally entertaining time. Not sure if I can compete with 90 degree weather and an outdoor pool, but tomorrow we are headed to Seattle to see the skateboarding pro tour. and on sunday, we are making nerf (just learned it’s an acronym for non-expanding recreational foam) blowdart guns.  A friend just sent me the link to an article from about how to build blowdart guns that shoot nerf bullets upwards of 60 feet!

ahh toy guns. I find it kind of ironic that we’ll be making these things on Mother’s Day. This mother’s day will be the 30 year anniversary of when I shattered the sliding glass door with my bb gun. I bet even she would be impressed if we could do the same with blow dart guns.


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