cereal numbers

i bet Kool-Aid would looove to crash through this wall.

this is the majority of the 39 boxes of cereal we had in our house last week. through a delicious loophole in the cogs of capitalism, i had the privilege of buying 36 boxes of cereal, 4 tickets to Toy Story 3 in 3D, and $20 in concession stand gift certificates, all for $32. there wasn’t even tax. or shady business.


Our local Kroger grocery store had a sale. Selected Kellogg’s cereals were $1.67 a box.

5 boxes of cereal costs $8.34

when you leave the store, the coupon that is printed with the receipt is worth $4 off anything in the store. you get this coupon whenever you buy 5 boxes or more of Kelloggs cereals. So I went to the self check out and scanned 5 at a time, getting as many of those $4 coupons as possible.


$4.34 for 5 boxes equals $.87 a box.

87 cents a box!

If only I would have had the Kelloggs coupon, it would have cost $.38 box. that’s 1970 pricing…


On the back of the boxes, there is a deal- collect codes (1 in each box) and get cool prizes.

For 3 codes, you can get $5 concession stand cash at the movie theater.

For 6 codes, you get a ticket to Toy Story 3 in 3D, or any Touchstone or Disney movie through June 2011.

for my plan, 4 movie tickets would cost 24 codes. $20 concession stand cash would cost 12 codes. I needed 36 boxes of cereal.

Extra cool is that the codes are entered over the internet, and the vouchers are printed from your home computer. No mailing stuff. Kellogg’s only lets you enter 5 codes a day. So far I’ve entered 26.

We’ve unloaded half of our cereal fortune onto unsuspecting friends, but pantry shelf-space is still a sold out show. I find it beautifully ironic that we are out of milk.


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3 responses to “cereal numbers

  1. Scott

    Dude, I have to confess, you do indeed rock. I envy that monument to sugary delight, wishes can come true in a boxed form!

    Seeing as Ryder and I are sitting here watching one of my all time favorites, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” I should start surfing for ways my friends and I can beat the system….

  2. Melanie

    You think the cereal box deal was good… Canon were offering a NZ$200 cash-back by redemption deal for one week. At the end of the week, a retail store offered a Canon camera, covered by the cash back deal, RRP NZ$350 on special for one week at NZ$149. We realised the two offers overlapped by one day, so paid $149 for the camera, and received a cheque for $200 today! In effect, we actually got paid $50 for adopting a camera. By the way, we LOVE your book, ENEMY PIE. It’s a firm favourite in our household. Looking forward to reading your next one.

    • derekmunson

      score! that is awesome Melanie. it’s not very often the fine print works in our favor…
      And glad you liked Enemy Pie. thanks for the note!

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