Lamb History

this is a copyrighted wooly sheep puppet from animal world

Lambs. Where the hay did lambs come from? The wild? I would imagine they did at one time. then they got caught by farmers. and they were so easy to catch that the farmers all went out and grabbed as many lambs as they could. and pretty soon, PSHWTT! all lambs are claimed. Then the Lamb Wars. Everyone wanted lambs. but there were none to be had. So the farmers had to watch their backs. And instead of working their farms, they sat there and watched over their flocks. That’s when shepherds were invented. And the shepherds became kings because they cornered the lamb market. (the later years brought about the rent-a-shepherds and that whole fiasco with little boy blue.)

Lambs are cool because they don’t hold grudges. If they did, they would have attitude. But they don’t. They just chill. They didn’t even need to be tamed. they wanted to stay. there were no immediate threats on the horizon. so they just kind of relaxed into pastoral living. Easy livin’. They are now so domesticated that it really isn’t that unusual to imagine a lamb wearing an apron and pouring tea.

dang- i’ve spent all my time and i didn’t even get to talk about prehistoric brain tools. maybe next time.

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