sole searching

how do you lose 39 socks? we have 39 socks missing their matches. i posted this fact on facebook, and it sounds like it’s a fairly common issue. i’ve decided to take the lead and get us all some answers.

33 single socks

note: while the end result is the same, my number 39 could be technically flawed. hanging the socks up, i discovered 3 previously unidentified pairs. Boom! down to 33 socks, just like that.

that's down from our initial 39; an effortless 2/13ths reduction!!!

it would seem that white socks would be easy to pair. they are not. they are deceptively difficult. we may have to separate all existing drawered pairs and validate their relationships.

ahh- the common grayheel. but not common enough! 8 varieties here, each clearly it's own unique breed. i think grayheels are just like snowflakes. no two are alike.

For those prone to analysis:

sock market analysis: Day 1

a couple interesting observations:
the boys are responsible for a whopping 66.66% of missing socks.
the scorpios (Z and M) are about 13% more irresponsible with their socks than the Pisces (A and D)

stay tuned! more amazing data to follow.

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