Getting Any Younger Yet?

iStock_000008307868XSmall“Non-creative behavior is learned.” That’s a quote from NASA researcher George Land. He conducted a fascinating experiment in 1968, studying genius level creativity in kids. (If you want the details, check out the study here on Linda Naiman’s Creativity at Work website.) The gist of it was that we all start off as creative geniuses. Then most of us lose it by the time we’re grown ups. Kids= creative geniuses. Grown-Ups= buffoons.

And then there’s the body. When you’re a kid you’ve got this durable body and flexible muscles and joints. If you break your wrist? No biggie. It’ll heal in 4 weeks. If you get a bruise? It’ll be gone the next day. But in 30 years, if you fall off a barstool at the bar? Bam! You’re black and blue for weeks and wearing a heat pack to bed. (wait… maybe that’s not such a good example…)

But check this out. Researchers announced today they’ve discovered a way to take old people muscles and make them work like young people muscles. They’ve shown that we have the built in capacity to reverse the aging processes within our bodies. And why wouldn’t the same be true for the mind? It’s way easier to change your thought processes than to reverse the biological processes of your body. Let’s talk about the “how” part another time, because it’s way late and I better sleep or I’ll be grumpy with my kids if they’re whiny in the morning. So I’ll just finish with this quick summary: Every one of us is born a creative genius, and no matter how far out of practice we are, we can always get it back.

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